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( Sito Ufficiale)  
SD Hi-Fi
Registratore portatile a stato solido 96Khz 24Bit

Product description
High quality solid-state audio recorder, the Nagra SD is designed to be used in any ultra-portable recording situation, and can replace MINIDISK©. Its recording media is a removable SD memory card, there is no limit to the card size allowed. (Standard SD cards have a maximum size of 2GB. from 2 GB to 32 GB they must be of the SDHC type). It records PCM Mono or Stereo audio wav files. MPEG compression allows for longer recording times (e.g. 278 hours on a 4 GB card 32 kbits/sec). The unit is powered by two “AA” batteries, offering in excess of 10 hours operation.

The Nagra SD accepts a range of Nagra-made extra high quality Mono (omni-directional / cardioid) and Stereo (cardioid) clip-on microphones and is also delivered with an external mono XLR microphone cable allowing an external dynamic microphone to be used. Designed for radio applications, the NAGRA SD offers instant start-up, one button recording, automatic level control, internal loudspeaker and a low cut filter. A set of switches on the rear of the recorder give the user rapid acces to several important functions without the need to enter the menus.

The Nagra SD has a miniature USB 2.0 port. Through this connection, the internal memory appears on the “desktop” as a mass storage device (external drive) of the PC / MAC and requires NO additional software or drivers. It can also be connected to the NAGRA LB for file editing and transfer operations in-the-field if desired.

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