E-Glo I
Integrato a valvole KT88 (35W/CH), telecomando, 5 ingressi rca

Highend integrated tube amplifier with classy sound & look!

E-Glo i is an "All tube" creation that brings the sonic performance of EAT in the category of integrated amplifiers!

  • Entirely new topology with pure Class A mode
  • High power output tubes KT-88 (Electro Harmonix or EAT)
  • Auto bias functionality with cathode feedback
  • Instant switching between triode & ultralinear mode
  • 5 line inputs with gold plated connectors
  • PCB technology with "wire to wire" connection quality
  • Advanced relay attenuator technology
  • Output transformers with ultra wide bandwidth
  • Premium capacitors in all strages
  • High quality casing with real wood side panels

New technology which does not hurt sonic imaging combines the so-called "wire to wire connections" with PCB techniques to deliver outstanding sound quality. A relay attenuator contains two independent blocks for each particular channel which has improved channel separation. This kind of volume control is being used in competing amplifiers only in a much higher price range. Gain control by 1dB, minimum attenuation of 63dB with a small number of contacts through which the signal passes as possible.

This solution has proven to be the best also in listening and audible tests we had carried out. Deviation between sync of left and right channel of attenuator is lower than 0.05dB, this outclasses even the best potentiometers. This accuracy of the attenuator control delivers excellent playback of the recorded soundstage. One of the most important parts of a tube amplifier, an output transformer, has several bifilar windings which are lined up in sections .to maximise power bandwidth.

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TEST DRIVE : Reference 10 XV 1000-AA
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